Product History 丨 Boxing relies on fists, but why are boxing shoes more important?

Issuing time:2020-04-03 10:59

Product History 丨 Boxing relies on fists, but why are boxing shoes more important?

Beginners are mostly reluctant to buy a pair of professional boxing shoes. In their opinion, a pair of ordinary sports shoes can fully cope.

As everyone knows, when you wear a pair of high-quality boxing shoes, your performance will be very different, and it will increase obvious flexibility, speed and strength.

Quality boxing shoes is the easiest way to improve your novice level in a short time!


How to choose a good pair of boxing shoes

Look at the grip and spin

Ordinary sports shoes are either too slippery, which is easy to rotate but difficult to stand on; or the grip is too strong, making it difficult for you to rotate.

A good pair of boxing shoes will keep you in perfect balance. It has enough grip to keep you stable, but also allows you to spin quickly, so you can send and receive heavy punches or practice with typical footwork.


Look at the sole material and structure

A thinner sole will allow you to feel the ground directly, making you lighter and more sensitive; a thicker sole will weaken the ground, but will increase strength; a good boxing shoe sole needs moderate thickness. In addition, the sole structure also produces different effects. If it is flat, it feels like standing directly on the ground; if it is a ridge or a small bulge, it will have more grip and reduce the ground contact.



Look at shoe weight and thickness

Thinner and lighter soles and uppers, and loose ankle designs will make you feel light; and if the sole is thickened, or the fabric of the upper is increased, and the space at the ankle is small, then you will feel the shoes wear Very heavy.

Whether you want to be heavy or thin is entirely up to you. They each have their own benefits. Thin and light shoes will make you feel very sensitive and the touch on the ground will be clear; while heavy shoes will make you more supportive and stronger, and feel that the knees, ankles and feet are all integrated.


Choosing the right helper

There are three types of uppers: low, middle, and high: the low upper is just to the ankle, the middle upper is a few inches higher than the ankle, and the high upper is almost reaching the calf. The higher the upper, the more protection the ankle gets. If your ankle is often sprained, then you must choose a high upper; if you want to move more conveniently, choose a low upper. Which one you choose depends on your fighting style and habits.

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