Weifang Kangrui Sports Industry Co., Ltd. was established in 1998. Located in the beautiful world kite capital-Weifang, Shandong, with a registered capital of 30 million, there are three existing production bases and nearly 700 employees. After several years of hard work, Kangrui Sports has developed into a group sports industry company integrating R&D, design, manufacturing, sports event services and stadium operations. The main business of Kangrui Sports includes the R&D and production of heavy sports equipment such as boxing, Sanda, and Taekwondo, the planning, design and paving construction of large-scale sports venues (halls), and community fitness venue services. It has multiple own brands, multiple product utility model patents and independent intellectual property rights. It is a member of the China Sporting Goods Federation, a high-tech enterprise, a famous brand in Shandong Province, and a sports demonstration unit in Shandong Province. It has passed the three national management system certification and BSCI social certification. Kangrui Sports adheres to the corporate purpose and business philosophy of "spreading sports culture and creating the best product value", and brings many years of experience in the operation of the sports equipment market to focus on clubs, fitness venues, professional teams, military police and various levels of competitions. It is the responsibility of the brand to provide high-standard, professional and intelligent products and services. Live in Competition, Reject the ordinary. Kangrui Sports, by your side!





Designated equipment supplier for Northwest Martial Arts Taekwondo Championship
Shaanxi Province Taekwondo Volkswagen Championship designated equipment supplier
Station-designated equipment supplier for fighting night
Shaanxi Normal University "Entrepreneurship Cup" Martial Arts Competition and National Martial Arts Elite Competition
Designated equipment supplier for the National Full Contact Karate Championship
National Karate Club (Dojo) League designated equipment supplier
Weifang City Ninth National Fitness Games Boxing Competition designated equipment supplier
Guizhou International Boxing Open designated equipment supplier
"Belt and Road" China-ASEAN Boxing Championship designated equipment supplier
Designated equipment supplier for cross-strait three-place boxing championship
Asian Boxing Championship designated equipment supplier
Guilin International Boxing Open designated equipment supplier


"Xinhong Cup" designated equipment supplier for WLK Megatron Wulin International Wushu Sanda Contest
The Glory of Dragon
National Youth Club Taekwondo Championship (Shanghai Station) Designated Equipment Supplier
National sports single stroke boxing project exam designated equipment supplier
Chinese Middle School Student Taekwondo League (Liaoning Branch) and National Primary
School Taekwondo Training Camp Designated Equipment Supplier
Designated equipment supplier for the 2nd Zhongshang "City Cup" Youth Boxing Invitational Tournament
Zibo Zhongshang "City Cup" Youth Boxing Invitational-Outstanding Contribution Award for Strategic Cooperation
Chinese Wushu Sanda Club Super League-designated equipment supplier
International Kite Festival · Weifang Martial Arts Festival Special Contribution Award
Designated equipment supplier for the top of the World Fighting Series Kings (Rushan Station)


Kangrui Sports signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Shandong University
IBU Zhejiang professional boxing club league designated equipment supplier
The only designated equipment brand for the 17th National Wushu School Sanda Competition
Designated equipment supplier for the National Full Contact Karate Championship
Official strategic equipment supplier of China Boxing Championship
Professional equipment partner for the World King of Kung Fu Championship
Hero Soul World Fighting Pro League Liaocheng Station Partner
Designated equipment supplier for Taekwondo competition in East China


Official equipment for WLK "Megatron Martial Arts" tournament
China Sports Lottery "Luyang" Cup International Fighting Cage Fighting Championship Designated Equipment
Designated equipment supplier for Chengdu "Fist forward" professional boxing championship
The only designated sports equipment in the National Junior Taekwondo Championships
Designated equipment for the "Changbai Mountain Heroes" International Martial Arts Fighting Championship Designated equipment supplier for Shandong Volkswagen Taekwondo Championship
The only designated equipment supplier of the 5th Taekwondo Open in Xinzhou, Shanxi
"China Sports Lottery Cup" The only designated equipment in Shandong Boxing Group B Championship
Designated equipment supplier for National Free Fight Championship


Designated supplies for Shandong Volkswagen Taekwondo Championship  
Designated products for the "Umo Cup" National Volkswagen Taekwondo Series
Designated Products for the Second National Youth Taekwondo Training Camp  
The only designated product for the second preliminaries of the Taekwondo of the 1st National Youth Games  
The only designated sponsor of the annual meeting of Shanxi Taekwondo Association  
WBC World Boxing Council 53rd Global Conference Strategic Cooperation Unit, Designated Equipment Supplier  
Partner of the FIBA ​​Guiyang Boxing Season Carnival Training Area
The only designated product of China's Chaoyang National Volkswagen Taekwondo Invitational Tournament


The only equipment supplier for Shandong Youth Sports Club competition
Liaoning Youth Taekwondo Competition Designated Competition Equipment
Designated competition equipment for youth Taekwondo in Liaoning


Designated equipment for the 3rd Taekwondo Championship of Liaoning Province
China Muay Thai Federation designated products
Designated Sporting Goods in Liaoning Taekwondo Invitational Tournament
Designated equipment supplier of Shandong Taekwondo Championship
Laizhou China Martial Arts Certificate Training Designated Equipment



Designated product of Liaoning Taekwondo Championship  
Outstanding Contributors of Liaoning Boxing Championship  
Designated equipment for Liaoning Wushu Sanda Championship  
"Kangrui Sports Cup" The only designated product and strategic partner of Shandong Taekwondo Championship  
Designated equipment supplier for the Boxing Competition of the 7th Youth Games of Hebei Province
Equipment supplier for the 2nd Volkswagen Taekwondo Championship in Shandong Province
The only designated item for Shandong Women's Taekwondo Competition



Designated supplies for Liaoning Youth Wushu Sanda Championships
Liaoning Youth Taekwondo Championship Designated Supplies and Outstanding Contributors
The company passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification
Designated equipment supplier for Shandong Volkswagen Taekwondo Championship
Chinese Middle School Students Taekwondo League Northeast Division designated equipment


Selected as a civilized and honest private enterprise
"Martial Arts Wind" Official Designated Equipment for Chinese and Foreign Boxers


The only designated equipment for Hubei Youth Taekwondo Competition
Designated equipment for China, UK, and Japan International Sanda Exchange



Selected as a consumer satisfaction unit by the Weifang Consumer Association  
Vendors of boxing gloves, gloves and other equipment listed in the "Wulin Forest" section of Henan TV  
The only designated product of Guizhou Youth Taekwondo Championship  The only supplies of Jilin Province Youth Taekwondo Championship  
National Xingyi Boxing Competition
Taekwondo mat and Sanda equipment supplier of Shandong Vocational College of Judicial Police Officers
Designated Supplier of International Taekwondo Changchun Open Competition Equipment



Taekwondo equipment supplier of Taizhou College of Nanjing Normal University  
Designated equipment for Sanda products of the 7th National Wushu Gymnasium Competition  
Kangrui Sports is endorsed by two-time Olympic women's Taekwondo champion Chen Zhongqing  
Procurement Unit of Hunan Sports Vocational College
The only designated equipment of Heilongjiang Taekwondo Championship



Licensed supplier of taekwondo open competition equipment for college, middle and primary school students in Shanxi Province
Xi'an Second Artillery Engineering College Sanda Ring Stand, Sanda Ground Paving, Sanda Equipment Supplier
The only designated supplier of equipment for the 4th Changchun International Taekwondo Open


Central Judicial Police College, Shandong Judicial Police Vocational College, Shandong Police College, Shandong Police College Law Officer Training College, Ludong University, Yantai University and other Saidan and Taekwondo equipment have won bids over the years


National professional colleges and famous martial arts schools: Jilin Sports Academy, Nanjing Sports Academy, Laizhou Chinese Martial Arts School, Caozhou Martial Arts Center, Henan Dengfeng Epo Martial Arts, etc.
Exhibitors of previous China International Sporting Goods Fairs Leading position in the industry