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Issuing time:2020-03-26 11:34

Product Blog 丨 Those about hand target training


Hand target training is a routine training method to improve the accuracy, consistency, and coordination of boxing. The coach wears the target on his hand as the target of the hit. Hand target training can practice both offense and defense. The hand target is also an excellent way to practice reaction speed. It may take time to find the rhythm of the hit, but be patient. When you and your coach are training on the boxing ring, move back and forth to practice shake, counterattack, and block And side flashes.


Hand target training is the soul of boxing. On the one hand, hand target training is an indispensable and irreplaceable part of professional boxing training. At the same time, hand target training is not restricted by the venue, and the training methods are flexible and diverse, close to actual combat, which is conducive to improving And strengthen awareness of combat.


Xiaokang here talks about a simple and hand-to-hand training method suitable for solid foundation:

Starting from single boxing, each single boxing is required to be of high quality, clear and powerful. Starting from jab, the target person should pay attention to the point of the boxing. Whether the palm can feel the power penetrated by the fist firmly and whether the position is clearly on the punctuation of the target. It is important to pay special attention to whether the punch is clearly and effectively hitting the point. After the punch, whether the jab punch is straight and straight is very important, because I find that many domestic players ca n’t punch straight The position of the punch is slightly lower when it is retracted. This exposes the defensive gap to the opponent and is not conducive to the next punch.


After completing the above requirements, you can do a one-two straight combo of back and forth straight punches, as well as the requirements of back straight punches. Then transition to boxing, the force of the boxing should be imagined to use the fist to hit the target holder's hand, and it should be clear and strong as mentioned before, and the situation of rubbing the target and avoiding deviation will not occur. Pendulum boxing is also started from the single boxer of the back straight boxer, and gradually to two boxing boxers. After both of the boxing methods reached the standard, they began to practice the pendulum combination. Don't overemphasize the number of punches, but focus on the quality of the fight.


Finally, transition to uppercuts, and then any combination of pendulum hooks. This training combination of punches is based on 4-5. Each punch is required to achieve high-quality strikes. It is not only to cultivate the click power, but also to transition to the combination. Continuous strength of punches. From single boxing to two boxing to multi-boxing, gradually improve the skills of the boxers.


▶ About the pace of hand target training

In the process of aiming, the aimer and the player must constantly make left and right movements, so that the player always faces himself. In this way, some players who have just come into contact with it have strengthened their own pace, and saved the painful teaching steps. In the face of some players with years of experience, they can also use a sudden step or speed change to target, which is closer to actual combat, and also trains the player's reaction and striking techniques. Relatively high.

▶ About distance control for hand target training

The first thing to say is the distance between the boxer and the target. The problem I often see is that the target and the player are too close to each other. The player's straight fist often hits the next punch without being fully straight. This has a great impact on the player's power technology and distance.

Because the actual attack distance is shorter than the actual attack range, and the overall force is not very sufficient. The distance I want is the distance between the target and the player is the distance of the player's forward straight punch + forward slide. This distance is the range of a boxer's own strike.

When moving the target, you must constantly maintain this distance. You cannot allow the player to cross this distance. This will help the player to develop a sense of distance at a suitable distance in the subtle way, so that the player can truly release his shoulders when punching and increase his own strike power. .

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